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By Nancy Loseke

Filed: June 11, 2008

I launched this Fresh Press e-zine because of my passion for the incomparable taste of fresh pressed extra virgin olive oil (EVOO).

But as you have likely discovered, fresh-pressed EVOO is almost impossible to find here in the U.S.

To begin with, only a tiny trickle ever reaches our shores. And what little does reach us is  often left to fade on store shelves before we even get an opportunity to bring it home.

I'll briefly review the reasons for this sad situation. But more importantly, I'll tell you about a rare find—a reliable, year-round source of the world's freshest EVOO exclusively from the most renowned olive-growing regions of the world, brought to you by an importer right here in the U.S….who's just a keyboard click away.

Why is fresh-pressed EVOO almost impossible to find in the U.S.?

As most olive oil aficionados like you and I know, fresh-pressed EVOO tastes best, by far. That's because olive oil, unlike wine, does not age well in its bottle. Its flavor starts to deteriorate within days of pressing, although it will usually remain relatively flavorful within its first year. After that, its flavor goes downhill fast.

But the major players in the olive oil industry don't want consumers to know this! In fact, that's why most olive oil bottles bear no "best sold by" date. You see, if most consumers were smart enough to insist on fresh pressed EVOO, it would cost the industry a great deal of money!

For example, the best way to enjoy the sublime taste of fresh-pressed EVOO would be to have your own personal courier race you the oil by plane immediately after its first press in Italy, Spain, Chile, Argentina, Israel, or other prime olive growing region. Ideally, it would be delivered "from tree to table" within days. Of course, no shipper in his right mind does this. (Well, almost nobody, as I'll explain in a moment.)

To the major players in the business, the expense of rushing fresh-pressed oil to you by plane would be laughably out of the question. Because of the sheer volume of oil that they ship, the big producers send their oil to the U.S. on molasses-slow tanker ships. Sure, this saves them a bundle of money. But during its long, slow voyage from the other side of the globe, the olive oil is already losing flavor.

"Nancy Loseke, editor of Fresh Press, a newsletter
devoted to olive oil, put it bluntly: Americans mostly shop the world’s olive oil dregs, the low-rung stuff.”
Cook's Illustrated Magazine-- July, 08

Once the oil reaches our shores, this flavor-fade accelerates. Gourmet store owners loathe tossing out expensive inventory. So they will keep their EVOO bottles on their shelves for months, sometimes even years, until the oil sells. Of course, all the while, the oil keeps losing what little flavor remains. Eventually, it may even start to turn rancid.

This is so sad, because if the only oil you can buy—regardless of how much you're willing to spend!—is deteriorating, stale, faded, or flavorless oil, possibly on the verge of turning rancid, you and your guests miss out on one of the most sublime taste experiences imaginable—the delicious, eye-rolling taste of fresh-pressed olive oil that drives foodies crazy!

To maximize your chances of finding such rare, fresh-pressed oil, I began your subscription to this e-zine with a free report, "How to Shop for Olive Oil," featuring my 13 best tips for finding the freshest oil available in your neighborhood.

Readers ask, "Nancy, where do you get your fresh-pressed EVOO?"

But many readers e-mailed me, expressing sentiments to this effect…

"Nancy, thanks for your excellent shopping tips on how to scour my neighborhood gourmet stores in hopes of coming across the elusive Holy Grail of fresh-pressed EVOO.

"As much as I would love the taste experience of fresh-pressed EVOO, I frankly don't have the time to hunt for it among dozens of suppliers! To save me time, can you just tell me, where do you get yours?"

Well, OK…and of course!

I get mine—and to date, it's the best EVOO I've ever tasted—from a small, exclusive fresh-pressed olive oil club started by my friend and colleague, David Rosengarten. David is one of the world's most respected food writers. You may have seen some of his many entertaining shows on Food TV.

When David found, as I did, that securing fresh-pressed EVOO in America is near impossible, his passion for it morphed into an obsession. He went so far as to create a systematic way that he—and the rest of us!—can enjoy fresh-pressed olive oil all year long, direct from the world's premiere olive groves…something which, to my knowledge, has never been possible before.

This is the source—right here in America—from which I first started enjoying the most heavenly fresh-pressed olive oil I ever tasted, imported from every major olive oil producing region in the world and available all year-round.

Not long after I started savoring these oils, I was invited to enter olive oil nirvana. My friend David, seeing my raves about his fresh-pressed oils, asked if I would serve as his club's official "Olive Oil Sommelier." I agreed, and what an experience it has been!

You can read the whole fascinating story of this unique club by clicking on the link below. As you'll see, my excellent EVOO adventure has taken me all over the world searching out, on the club's behalf, the best fresh-pressed EVOO from small, usually family-run and private estate producers. When I find fresh-pressed EVOO that I'm wild about, the club literally races it to you, via UPS, "from tree to table" in the shortest time of any source I know of, anywhere in the world.

These oils are so fresh and flavorful, they will spoil you. I, my friends, and fellow club members can never go back to ordinary gourmet store oil. I even sneak my own little flask of this liquid gold into restaurants, and order my salad with dressing on the side, so I can substitute one of these oils! I simply can no longer accept what passes for olive oil  elsewhere. Many club members have written in, expressing the same feeling.

If you'd like more information about our club, I invite you to click on the link below and let David tell you its remarkable story. If you decide to join (you can sample its offerings risk-free), I predict that the club will be for you, as it's become for many of my readers and friends, the most convenient, reliable, and trustworthy source of outrageously fresh and bright-tasting EVOO you'll ever experience here in America.

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