Fresh Pressed Olive Oil Club

This is the only club I know of that ships olive oil directly to it's members right after harvest. The health benefits and taste are at their peak. I highly recommend this club.

Vinegar Club

Vinegar and oil seem to go together, so I would also like to bring another club to your attention. This "beyond balsamic" club sends little-known, but fabulous vinegars from around the world to it's members. These vinegars will bring zing to your recipes and will be come your "secret ingredient" of choice.

Olive Oil Tasting Glasses

olive oil judges use cobalt blue glasses so their opinion is not influenced by the oil's color. These stemless glasses are held in the palm of your hand so that the oil can warm and release their aromas. This type of glass is hard to find in the U.S., but I tracked down a company in Sacramento who is importing them.